The Implications of Dry Storage within a Cryogenic Environment

Dry storage is a unique solution to cryogenic sample storage. Patented as a design feature in the Custom BioGenic Systems’ Isothermal Freezer line, dry storage takes a different approach to traditional sample preservation.

Traditional cryogenic storage has biological samples suspended in liquid nitrogen collectively, whereas with dry storage the liquid nitrogen is contained within a jacketed wall of the freezer and does not have any contact with the sample space. This allows the entire storage and sample space to be used efficiently, with no space lost to bulky platforms.

Dry storage is important for two main reasons: safety and cross-contamination. Liquid nitrogen, if handled carelessly or improperly, can pose several risks.

Safety: Traditional liquid nitrogen storage has vials submerged in the liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen may seep into the vials, and upon warming the vials will expand and are then at risk for explosion as nitrogen vaporizes inside the vials. Accidentally coming into contact with liquid nitrogen is a possibility as well, especially when handling samples, via touch or splashing of the liquid nitrogen. Dry storage eliminates these risks, as the nitrogen is kept completely isolated from the sample space.

Cross-Contamination: Viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens can survive after suspension in liquid nitrogen. Infected samples may then go on to infect other samples within the same storage tank. Dry storage greatly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination by ensuring that samples are isolated from one another and pathogens are unable to travel freely between vials.

What all of this boils down to is the efficiency of dry storage: better sample preservation, easy access to samples, industry best temperature uniformity, and the use of the entire storage area. Custom BioGenic Systems strives to provide the best solutions to the ever-changing biotechnology industry. Our Isothermal Freezer line offers a revolutionary way of cryogenic sample storage with the intention of making your laboratory and research a more stream-lined, easy to access wealth of information.

For more information on our Isothermal line and other products, email or check out our website at

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