Cryotherapy And Mental Health

As we discussed earlier on Custom BioGenic News, there are many applications of cryotherapy. On top of the benefits from cryotherapy facials and muscle rehabilitation, cryotherapy is also thought to have a positive effect on people with anxiety and depression.

Researchers in Poland demonstrated the impact cryotherapy can have on brain chemistry. One study focused on a group of individuals ages 18 to 65 receiving one daily cryotherapy treatment. After three weeks of 2 to 3 minute sessions, the group showed more improvement in mental health than the control group who received no treatment.

This improvement stems from the release of endorphins when the body is in a -190°C environment. Cryotherapy may also help improve sleep patterns and promote weight loss, adding to the long list of benefits from this treatment.

Blogger Anna B. David put this to the test and started going to Cryohealthcare in Los Angeles once a week for two months. Some of the immediate results she experienced were feelings of euphoria and rejuvenation. After two months she reported having a more positive state of mind and being more accepting of unexpected life events.

While we can’t say for sure that cryotherapy is the treatment for all things mental health, it sounds like it’s definitely worth a try.

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David, Anna B. “I Tried Cryotherapy as a Treatment for Depression.” Psychology Today, 22 April 2016

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