Office Train Your Dog!

As many of our loyal Custom BioGenic News readers know, Custom BioGenic Systems has three four-legged mascots: Charlie, Lucy and Shiba. You’re probably wondering – “How do you train your dog for a 9 to 5?” Allow us to offer a few tips!

  1. Keep your friends close, and your puppy closer! To train Lucy, Global Data Acquisition Sales Director Gina Lentine kept Lucy on a short leash for her first 2-3 weeks of being on the clock. This way, your paw-fect pet learns to be no more than 5 feet in front of you at all times.
  2. Bring in a dog bed! After all, your puppy needs a comfy cubicle, too!
  3. Have dog treats on hand at all times for good behavior. Lucy loves to dance for cookies, and Shiba is a fan of cheese!
  4. Be prepared and resilient when lunch-time beggars come. Try your best to resist the puppy dog eyes and protect your pasta!
  5. Provide a water bowl for your dog. Every time you need coffee, check the bowl for refills!
  6. Hold onto your leash for potty breaks! Lucy’s little leash “necklace” is pink!
  7. Give your pet some dog toys for play time! Avoid squeaky toys to maintain the quiet work environment.
  8. Make sure your dog has their collar and ID to match your own company name tag!
  9. Older dogs like Shiba need their space and prefer to keep cuddles to a minimum. It’s her way of telling you to get back to work!
  10. Remember to be respectful of your team and make sure to communicate boundaries and any allergies before bringing in your buddy.

With these special steps, your office will definitely become a second home to your pet. Stay tuned, we may have more furry friends joining the Custom BioGenics team!

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