Product Spotlight: LAB Series Dewars

Insulation is the key to keeping cryogenic liquids cold. Our LAB Series Dewars provide reliable, efficient insulation in order to ensure that your cryogenic liquids are maintained at the proper temperatures. Designed for efficient liquid nitrogen storage, these dewars’ features include low liquid nitrogen consumption and a lightweight aluminum construction.

Perfect for a variety of lab storage needs, these dewars also offer up to 128 days of holding time. They can be fitted with withdrawal devices, pouring spouts, and dippers for the safe transfer of liquid nitrogen.

Fitted with sturdy handles and efficient neck sizes, the transport of the LAB series dewars and dispension of liquid nitrogen is made convenient and easy.

Custom BioGenic Systems offers six different sizes ranging from 4 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters, and 50 liters.

The LAB Series Dewars line qualifies for free shipping! If you are interested in this product or others, check out our website at or send an email to

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