Product Spotlight: V-1500 AB

Our previous product spotlight post discussed the two models of straw storage freezers that we offer. This post is going to cover a similar freezer: the V-1500AB. While both freezers have the same liquid nitrogen capacity of 30 liters, the V-1500AB is meant for vial storage rather than straw storage.

The V-1500AB Isothermal freezer has a maximum vial capacity of 9,100 vials and 434 50mL blood bags. Being part of our Isothermal line, this model makes use of dry storage technology to keep samples and users safe. This liquid nitrogen storage without liquid nitrogen contact is possible thanks to the patented jacketed wall of every Isothermal freezer.

Since there is no liquid nitrogen contained within the storage space, this entire area can be used for inventory. A wide lid opening provides easy, unrestricted access to samples.

An added benefit of the V-1500AB (and all of our Isothermal products) is that it is tested with a reliable 2301 controller. The controller comes with features such as auto-fill and a dual temperature display.

We currently have V-1500AB freezers in stock! Check them out here . You can also find us talking about them, and other products, on our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

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