Product Spotlight: Straw Storage Freezers

Custom BioGenic Systems’ Isothermal Straw Storage Freezers can bring added depth to your laboratory storage solutions. Ideal for straw storage, these liquid nitrogen freezers allow for versatility in regards to the straw type used, as every straw model will fit into the tight arrangement.

These freezers are equipped with three levels of storage, making long-term and temporary storage possible within the same cryogenic unit. The two lower levels are ideal for long-term storage, while the upper level can be used for short-term storage and doubles as a work space for viewing and manipulating samples. The rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space.

We offer two models of straw storage freezers. Choose between the V-1500SS and V-3000SS, the only difference between them being their size. The V-1500SS has a liquid nitrogen capacity of 30 liters and a maximum straw capacity of 24,480. The V-3000SS is larger, with a liquid nitrogen capacity of 70 liters and a maximum straw capacity of 61,200.

The patented Isothermal technology within the freezer includes a liquid nitrogen jacket specially designed to prevent contact between liquid nitrogen and your samples. This “dry storage” is the defining feature of all of our Isothermal units. Traditional storage has samples floating in a collective soup of liquid nitrogen, which carries the risk of cross-contamination, as pathogens can travel freely between the samples and the liquid. Dry storage also comes with the benefit of added safety, as there is no liquid nitrogen within the sample space to splash or injure people. Sample retrieval is also made safe and easy with our patented retrieval tool.

For more information on our straw freezers, Isothermal line, and other cryogenic products visit our website! Check out our other blog posts and social media pages to keep up!

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