Meet Our Sales Reps

This past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Custom BioGenic Systems was visited by four of our sales reps from all over the country. Brent Kolhede from Laboratory Equipment Company, Kevin Thies from DAI, Rich Dougherty from Labrepco, and Bill Stacy from BSI met with some of our team members to see our new line of freezers, high capacity rate freezers, and other new and innovative products getting ready to hit the market!

They met with the President and CEO of Custom BioGenic Systems, John Brothers, along with Gina Lentine, Sean Kane, Talitha Brothers, Jake Moore, and Brian Gough to discuss the future of these exciting new products.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream was also made as a fun treat! If you want to know more about making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, check out this post!

We will have more sales reps/domestic dealers in next week, so things are currently pretty busy around here. Be sure to check our blog again to meet more of our sales reps and learn about any new updates!

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