July Bee Update

Welcome to July’s Bee update! In case you haven’t been keeping up with the bee hives we have on our property, you can find past updates here and here.

The beehives reach their peak population this month, as the warmer weather encourages more activity and productivity. During this time the bees are focused on storing food. They want to build up a surplus of food for the coming winter months, when they will retreat into their hives to wait out the cold.

On the beekeeper’s part, there is not too much to be done this month. Regular inspections of the hive should be the main concern, and if all is well within the hive you can anticipate having a good honey harvest this year! Although honey should not actually be harvested until September, if the bees are successful there should be a decent amount of honey to harvest while leaving plenty in the hive.

Do you enjoy hearing about our beehives? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to mention anything you want to know more about and we will be sure to include that information in future posts!

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