Isothermal V-1500 AB In Stock!

Our Isothermal freezers offer true dry storage. This technology offers safe storage for your samples. Custom BioGenic Systems V1500-AB Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezers offer liquid nitrogen storage temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. Liquid nitrogen is stored in our patented jacketed space in the wall of the freezer. This technology offers safe dry storage for your samples. With no liquid nitrogen in the storage area the risk of cross contamination and the safety risks associated with the handling of liquid nitrogen are greatly reduced.

Our Isothermal Freezers come in multiple sizes and capacities. Currently we have our V-1500 AB freezers in stock! This model has a maximum vial capacity of 9,100 vials and an LN2 capacity of 30 liters. Email for any inquiries!

Want to learn more about our Isothermal freezer line? Visit our website, check out the video below, or take a look at this post!

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