Product Spotlight: Carousel Freezers

Welcome to our third Product Spotlight post! Let us introduce our Isothermal Carousel Freezers, a variation of our standard Isothermal line.

This particular line of products is a dry storage freezer. This patented technology means that there is no liquid nitrogen contained in the sample space, and it is instead stored in a jacketed wall of the freezer. Dry storage eliminates the possibility of splashing liquid nitrogen, and therefore reduces risk of injury.

The unique carousel technology makes retrieving samples easy. Entire racks no longer need to be removed to access just one sample, and retrieving fallen samples is made easier.

Along with user convenience and safety, sample safety is also a top priority. Storing cryogenic samples in liquid nitrogen comes with the risk of cross-contamination, as pathogens can survive even after having been suspended in liquid nitrogen. Dry storage reduces this risk. On top of cross-contamination, traditional submersion storage comes with the risk of vials exploding. Storage in liquid nitrogen may cause vials to shrink and liquid to seep into them, which upon warming can vaporize and cause vials to explode. Dry storage keeps liquid nitrogen away from the samples, so this possibility is eliminated. There is no unnecessary exposure to room temperatures, so you can be sure your samples will remain safe.

Our Isothermal Carousel Dry Storage Freezers come in four sizes with storage capacities ranging from 16,800 to 42,000 2ml vials. The square lid opening allows for unrestricted access, and rotation of the carousel by the unique ratchet handle on top of the freezer reduces operator hazard. There is also a removable console that allows access to the storage area in case of emergency.

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