May Bee Update

Happy May, everyone!

This month our bee hives are beginning to buzz with activity. The queen is busy laying her eggs, and nectar and pollen are being brought into the hive.

As the weather grows warmer and flowers start blooming the bees will become more and more active. Although May is an active month given that the temperature is warm enough, the bees’ activity really gets into full swing as we approach June and July.

Overall, beekeepers may spend 3-5 hours a month tending to the hive throughout the summer. Much of this time is dedicated to inspecting the hives, removing Apistan strips and menthol (these help control Varroa mites), adding queen excluders to control the hive population, and applying honey supers (to help with the storage and collection of honey).

As our bees grow more active in the coming months we will have lots of pictures to share!

Here is one of our hives! Soon it will be buzzing with bees!

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