Using Cold Space Efficiently

Your freezers and refrigerators are essential to your lab. Cold space is extremely valuable and often limited, so making sure to use it wisely will reduce the need for excess equipment. Here are some tips on how to get the most efficient use out of your cold space:

•         Regularly organize them to easily locate samples and minimize time spent with the doors open.

•         Defrosting regularly will save energy and possibly extend the life of your freezer.  Reducing ice buildup will maximize your storage space and racks will sit flat instead of precariously on top of bumpy icy surfaces.

•         Date chemicals and reagents when received, and if too old to use they should be thrown out or collected for hazard waste pick-up.

•         Correctly label samples with the associated researcher and/or experiment.

•         When someone leaves the lab, go over the samples they leave behind to consolidate into properly labeled boxes and racks, keeping only relevant samples.

As always, proper safety procedures should be carefully followed so as to avoid injury to person and damage to equipment. Never use cryogenic equipment for anything outside of its intended purposes. If you are in need of safety wear for your laboratory, Custom BioGenic Systems offers a range of products such as cryogloves and cryoaprons to ensure that you receive the highest level of protection when handling dangerous cryogenic substances.

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