Six Tips for Protecting Samples

Biospecimens are essential for your research and in many cases are irreplaceable.  Does your laboratory have the ability to maintain appropriate storage of your samples in the case of operational disruptions caused by natural or man-made disasters?

1.       Automated security systems should be in place to continuously monitor the function of storage equipment and should have the capability to warn staff when equipment failure has occurred.

2.       Backup equipment should be set to activate automatically when necessary and should be tested regularly.

3.       Have available an alternate cooling source.

4.   Divide collections and store them in different freezers or even different geographic locations depending on the “value” and the ability to replace certain samples.

5.       Have in place written procedures that are tested on a routine basis to respond to equipment failures, whether emergencies and other unforeseen situations.

6.       Specimens should be stored in a secure location with limited access only by authorized staff.

VersAlert is a web based system for monitoring valuable samples as well as aiding in Title 21 CFR 11 compliance.  While it is the perfect fit for Custom Biogenic Systems Freezers, it can easily be installed on -80 freezers and other critical equipment.  Contact us to discuss the needs of your lab.

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