Fun With Liquid Nitrogen: Making Ice Cream!

The popularity of liquid nitrogen ice cream seems to have been on the rise, and for good reason: who doesn’t love ice cream that’s fun and easy to make? It doubles as a treat and a science experiment!

Here at Custom BioGenic Systems we like to make ice cream as a fun bonus for our guests and visitors, and with summer approaching what better time than to share it with you?

*Important: always wear protective gloves, aprons, and goggles when working with liquid nitrogen. Work with someone who has handled liquid nitrogen before.*

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

1. 2 cups Heavy whipping cream

2. 2 cups Half and Half

3. Liquid nitrogen (add a little at a time until it reaches a desired consistency)

4. 1 cup Sugar

5. 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

6. Optional toppings or flavorings! Try chocolate syrup, peanut butter, nuts, chopped candy bars, or berries!

Pour all the ingredients into a heavy stainless steel bowl and make sure to have a couple wooden spoons on hand. When mixing the ingredients the spoons can freeze and break. You can add the ingredients in any order, but make sure the sugar dissolves completely so the ice cream doesn’t end up with a gritty texture. As the ice cream thaws you can add more liquid nitrogen to freeze it again.

Have fun making ice cream! Check in soon to see us making our very own ice cream at our headquarters!


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