Reducing Energy Consumption

Do you want to save your lab money and minimize your environmental impact?  Periodically take the following easy steps to ensure your freezer is operating efficiently:

  1. Ensure it is reaching its temperature set point.  If you can hear the compressor running constantly, or if the freezer is set for -80 but only reaches -79, have the unit checked.
  2. Check the gaskets and rubber seals around the freezer door.  If seals are broken, schedule a repair.
  3. Clean the filter that protects the condenser coils, this will allow for proper air circulation and cooling.
  4. Fill an upright by starting at the bottom near the probe and add racks to one shelf at a time.  Allow the freezer to recover to set point between shelves.
  5. Fill a chest by starting at the left side near the probe. Filling with room temperature racks will result in a long pull-down time.
  6. Fill unit to capacity with frozen product to help overall performance; frozen water jugs, for example.
  7. Always make certain the vacuum relief port is free of frost and ice, to allow for timely re-entry into the freezer after a door opening.
  8. Organize your freezer with the proper racks.  Not only will your samples be safer, but you will spend less time with the door open looking for your samples.

Minus 80 freezers are the most energy intensive type of “plug load” equipment in a lab.  Following the tips above will translate into a more energy efficient freezer.

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