We Have Bees!

Bees may be tiny, but they play a huge role in the environment. Pollination contributes greatly to biodiversity by sustaining the growth of different plant species as well as ensuring food sources for numerous animal species. Birds and fruit bats, for example, depend upon flowers and the fruits they produce to survive. Wild plants and commercial produce thrive because of this pollination.  And we all know that honey, produced by bees as a second food source, is sought after as a sweet treat.

These little yellow insects are remarkably influential. And they are dying.

Custom BioGenic Systems has installed bee hives behind our building in the hopes of helping to restore the bee population. Beekeeping contributes to the welfare of bees by providing them with a safe and stable home.

There will be updates on the first of every month regarding the hives, so be sure to check in to see how they are doing!  

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