Safe Sample Handling

Standardized steps are critical for ensuring consistent cryopreservation of biological samples.  Controlled rate freezers are designed to keep samples safe during the freezing process as they make the transition from a liquid to a frozen state.  The rate at which they are cooled can influence the rate at which molecular degradation is allowed to proceed.

One way to reduce risks linked to inconsistent sample freezing is to thoroughly annotate all sample-handling protocols and minimize the possibility for error by using a controlled-rate freezer.  A proper freezing profile is critical for a successful freeze.  We recommend a thorough review of the available protocols and profiles prior to beginning your process.  It is important to have a controlled rate freezer that provides the flexibility to allow you to make changes to your programs. 

Once the freeze is complete, make sure you have the appropriate accessories for post-freeze storage. Visit to view our complete line of inventory control systems, canisters, and frames to properly protect and store your cryogenic samples. Not sure what you need? Give us a call, we are here to help!

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