Everything You Need to Know About Dry Storage

Dry storage is a form of cryogenic sample storage that, unlike traditional techniques, keeps vials completely separate from the liquid nitrogen via a jacketed space in the walls of the freezer. As there is no direct contact between the samples and liquid nitrogen, the hazards of traditional storage are greatly reduced.

Less Risk of Injury

Coming into direct contact with liquid nitrogen or cold equipment can cause serious burns and tissue damage. Dry storage does not have vials come into contact with liquid nitrogen. Instead, the vials are stored in nitrogen vapor, with the liquid nitrogen sitting either around or below the sample space. With no liquid nitrogen to splash or accidentally touch, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Traditional storage also comes with the risk of vials exploding upon thawing. Liquid nitrogen may seep into the vials during storage, and expansion of the liquid nitrogen as it thaws can cause pressure inside the vial. As they are sealed, the pressure has no way to escape. Exploding vials can be dangerous, as people in the vicinity could be sprayed with glass shards and/or liquid nitrogen. Dry storage eliminates the risk of liquid nitrogen seepage, thereby reducing the chances of injury due to vial explosion.

Safer Samples

Another benefit of dry storage is that the samples are isolated more so than if they were submerged in liquid nitrogen. Traditional storage allows for cross-contamination, as pathogens can survive and travel around freely in the liquid nitrogen. If one sample is contaminated, there is a chance that other samples will also be contaminated as they float around in a collective soup. Because dry storage utilizes vapor rather than liquid, the chances of cross-contamination are greatly reduced.

Sometimes taking risks can be a good thing. When it comes to cryogenic samples, however, risks should be avoided. Dry storage is a significant advancement that has sample safety as its top priority. Is it yours?

Visit our website to learn more about how dry storage can help you! As the only cryogenic equipment manufacturer to offer equipment that does not put vials in contact with liquid nitrogen, we are proud to offer our cryo equipment to medical facilities directly from our warehouse.

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